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A more fitting name for this workshop would be 'The Fundamentals of Health' - there was so much I wanted to cover that I should update the name! 


This workshop is for you if you want to improve your health & well-being but you're unsure where to begin; maybe you’re making efforts to improve your health & well-being & would like to know you're on the right lines... or perhaps you’re passionate about Nutrition & Health & always eager to learn more!


I recognised very early on in my work as a coach a few things that most of my clients have in common:

  • They're stressed out

  • They show symptoms of hormonal imbalance

  • They often know WHAT they need to do, but struggle with the HOW to do it

So that has become the focus of my work as a Well-being Mentor.


‘Health’ is defined as a condition of optimal well-being.


Learn the three mistakes many of my clients are making, that prevent them from a state of optimal well-being. Plus the guidelines for longterm health and wellbeing, with a natural, sustainable and balanced holistic approach.

Fundamentals of Healthy Eating Workshop

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