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BSc Nutritionist & Health Coach

Located in Teignmouth, Devon, Ella Gale is a professional Nutritionist and Health Coach who specialises in supporting clients with goal setting and creating personalised wellness plans.


Ella is committed to forming relationships with clients looking to lose or manage their weight, deal with unwanted symptoms, balance their hormones, optimise their health and wellbeing, and much more.

Based on the NHS's scientifically proven “5 ways to well-being” (Be Active, Connect, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give), Ella's coaching combines a unique blend of Life Coaching elements with her Nutrition and Health Coaching expertise, to empower clients to discover strategies to optimise their health and wellbeing, body and mind.

All is Well and Fit is here to improve clients' quality of life, so get in touch to learn more and start building a healthier lifestyle.


Teignmouth, Devon, UK


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